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Our Mission

Prosfata empowers experienced newcomers and international students in Canada by connecting them with industry-specific career mentors. Our mentors, being successful professionals within these fields, provide personalized guidance, leveraging newcomers' past experiences and education to secure relevant and fulfilling employment.

We achieve this by matching them with industry-specific career mentors who are successful professionals in their fields, who understand what is required to get jobs in those fields,  to help guide them on how to tap into their previous work experience and education to get in the very industries they used to be successful in. 

Being newcomers, we have gone through the very same experiences. Experienced newcomers struggle to find meaningful work more than young professionals who migrate while still young.

Prosfata Values

Prosfata Values

Mentorship as a Catalyst

We accelerate experienced newcomer success through targeted mentorship, helping them navigate and excel in the Canadian job market with confidence and clarity.

Professional Empowerment

We advocate for the professional advancement of newcomers, ensuring they secure roles that fully recognize and utilize their capabilities and experiences.

Collaborative Networks

We forge strong partnerships with educational, settlement organizations, and employers to build a comprehensive support network that fosters seamless newcomer integration.

Blended Value Creation

We align newcomers' aspirations with market needs, facilitating a workplace synergy that enhances productivity and cultural integration.

Respect and Integrity

We commit to the highest standards of ethics and respect in all our dealings, ensuring fairness and building trust within the employers community, the newcomer community and with our partners.

Our Vision

By 2026, Prosfata aims to be the definitive solution for experienced newcomers in Canada, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to economic growth. We envision a future where every skilled newcomer utilizes their expertise to influence their industries positively, supported by our robust network of mentors as well as partnerships and collaborative endeavors with employers, educational institutions, and other key stakeholders. 

We aspire to create a future where every experienced and highly educated newcomer has the opportunity to utilize their experience, transferable skills and love for Canada to contribute significantly to their industries, economic growth and development for this wonderful country. 

We know we can not succeed alone, this is why we are open to strategic partnership and collaboration at all levels for every willing organization and employer. 

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