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Our coaching approach is not like anyone you have seen so far. We offer you a one on one service, where you get to book a coach for the right service for you based on the current challenges you are facing, a coach is an expert in your industry, who has gone through similar challenges in their job search in the past but are now in a position to help experienced recent graduates to also succeed as well. 

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Amitha shares her story:

Amitha shares her story:

Amitha shares her story:

"Amitha worked with Norman for 3 months as an intern. Then she started getting job interviews and she needed someone to share their experiences working with her."

- Amitha

Mistakes We See Recent Graduates Make - Do You Make Similar Mistakes?

Easy Apply on LinkedIn.

Thinking that you don’t need expert support yet you are becoming frustrated day by day.

Getting frustrated by this process and not getting expert and experienced help in the process.

Tired of resume and cover letter customisation for every application.

Applying for every job you feel you could qualify for.

Let Prosfata Support Your Career Growth and Self Actualization

With Prosfata, our coaches will help you to:

Stand Out

Craft applications that get shortlisted.

Target Smart

Apply where you fit best rather than applying to every role that you see.

Interview with Confidence

Turn any interview into a job offer by our interview prep coaching service.

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