Empowering Newcomer Employment Agencies & Settlement Services in Canada Find Jobs for Their Most Experienced Newcomers.

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Bridging Expertise with Opportunity

At Prosfata, we share a common goal with newcomer employment agencies and settlement services: to empower highly skilled newcomers in Canada to achieve their full potential.

Our mission is to complement your efforts by providing an additional layer of support that specifically addresses the unique challenges faced by internationally experienced professionals transitioning into the Canadian job market.

Our Unique Approach

Tailored Matchmaking

We connect newcomers with industry-specific career coaches who are not just professionals in their fields but also seasoned in navigating the Canadian job market. This ensures personalized, relevant guidance that bridges the gap between international experience and local opportunities.

Structured and Guided Job Search

Our approach goes beyond initial employment, focusing on long-term career growth. We guide newcomers through understanding industry standards, enhancing professional networks, and strategizing for career growth so that they can contribute the best to their respective employers and the canadian economy.

Economic Impact

By helping skilled newcomers find suitable, fulfilling job opportunities, we contribute to Canada's economic growth and development, adding value to the fabric of our society.

Why Collaborate with Prosfata?

Supporting Experienced Newcomers Who Don’t Have PR or Refugee Status

We do understand that you have limited resources. It is often challenging to find comprehensive resources to support newcomers who fall through the cracks due to the nature of your organization’s funding program. This is where we can play a really pivotal role for your organization.

Extend Your Reach

Partnering with Prosfata allows your organization to extend its services by providing specialized, industry-specific coaching that may be beyond the scope of general employment guidance.

Acknowledge and Overcome Challenges

We understand the difficulties in fully supporting newcomers with significant professional backgrounds, more specifically when you have a lot of newcomers being supported at the same time. Our services aim to fill this gap, ensuring that these individuals don't just find jobs but are matched with careers that truly recognize and utilize their expertise.

Enhance Your Impact

Our collaboration can enhance the impact of your services, ensuring that the newcomers you support are not just employed but are thriving and contributing to their industries at the highest level.

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Let's join forces to empower newcomers to not only enter the Canadian job market but to excel within it. Contact us to explore how a partnership with Prosfata can enrich your services, support your mission, and make a lasting difference in the lives of the highly skilled individuals you serve.