Empowering Universities and Colleges in Canada To Find Jobs for Their Most Experienced International Students.

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Bridging Expertise with Opportunity

At Prosfata, we share a common goal with newcomer employment agencies and settlement services: to empower highly skilled newcomers in Canada to achieve their full potential.

Our mission is to complement your efforts by providing an additional layer of support that specifically addresses the unique challenges faced by internationally experienced professionals transitioning into the Canadian job market.

Our Unique Approach

Expert Matchmaking

We connect each newcomer with an industry-specific career coach who is not only a successful professional in their field but also deeply understands the Canadian job market's nuances. This personalized guidance ensures a smoother transition and faster integration into their respective industries.

Accelerated Career Growth

We don't just aim for job placement; we strive for career advancement. Our coaching empowers newcomers to secure positions that recognize their global experience and contribute significantly to their professional growth.

Structured Transitioning Process

Our proven methodology guides newcomers through every step of their career journey in Canada, from understanding local professional standards to mastering job search strategies that work.

Why Partner with Prosfata?

Enhance Your Services

By partnering with Prosfata, you extend your capacity to support highly skilled and experienced international students beyond traditional advising and career services. If an international student has worked for more than 5 years from their home countries, they often know which industries they want to work in. We know how to support them, because our community is made up of experts who were previously newcomers but are now fully employed in their careers.

Address the Real Challenge

We acknowledge the difficulties in coaching international students with significant experience from their home countries. Our services complement your efforts by offering specialized support that recognizes and leverages their expertise. Let us help you relieve that pressure, we are ready to help.

Contribute to Canada's Growth

Together, we can make a substantial impact on the economic development and growth of Canada by facilitating the integration of skilled professionals into the workforce where they can thrive and contribute at their highest potential.

Join Us in Making a Difference

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