Navigate Canadian Work Culture with Confidence: A Guide for Recently Hired Newcomers & International Students.

Overcome Cultural Barriers and Thrive in Your New Workplace.

Our Mission

Prosfata is dedicated to empowering highly experienced and educated newcomers including international students to find jobs in their respective areas of expertise and industries by matching them with industry-specific career coaches who are successful professionals in their fields, who guide them through a structured process for transitioning and growing in the Canadian job market. This matchmaking empowers them to secure fulfilling job opportunities that not only recognize their expertise but also accelerate their career growth, thereby making a significant contribution to the economic development and growth of Canada.

Why Prosfata is Your Trusted Partner

Trust and Confidentiality

Find a safe space to share your challenges and receive guidance from mentors who respect your experiences and privacy.

Cultural Adaptation Coaching

Bridge the gap between your home country and Canadian work cultures with personalized mentorship from those who’ve mastered it.

Success Strategies

Learn to navigate workplace nuances, from communication styles to decision-making processes, and everything in between.

Professional Networking

Expand your professional circle with individuals who understand your journey and can provide you with insights and opportunities in your field.

Hear From Those Who’ve Walked Your Path

Hear From Those Who’ve Walked Your Path

“Finding my place in the Canadian work environment was challenging until I joined Prosfata. My mentor, also a newcomer once, helped me understand the cultural nuances, which transformed my work relations and performance.”

Rizma Butt

Prosfata user

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